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The allotted function of art is not, as is often assumed, to put across ideas, to propagate thoughts, to serve as an example. The aim of art is to prepare a person for death, to plough and harrow his soul, rendering it capable of turning to good.
— Andrei Tarkovsky
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«Gaëna da Sylva's art is emotion, the subtle nuances of existence. It is the expression of a passing time and goes up to discolour, circulates in a loop on the body of an eerie world and bring to an inner essence. This is a preview of a present, a promise of the past. Without borders, forms and light come together in the photographic journey.»

Based in Quebec, fine art photographer, film maker and poet, I discovered photography as a teenager. From the first time that I saw oil catch the light in a puddle of water, light and its interaction with form have continued to fascinate me. I have published three collections of photographs and a collection of poetry. I have been working on different art projects; a long term self-portrait series, Confessions of the Green Armchair, The Lake and The Black Herbarium. Francesca, my latest short film, collaboration with the activist and musician Bill Madden, was awarded in various festivals. «Gaëna's abstract poetic short films combine the magic of movement and static photography often using a multi-layered approach.» In 2013, I set up The 52nd with artist and musician Charlie Beresford, based in the UK.   I am  not imvolved in the music trade  though this beautiful project has become a platform for our joint art.

Making photography through the years, I realized that the light isn't ours to own; it's merely borrowed and reflected back; that moment preservation is as humbling as anything I had experienced; and  there is a deep beauty swimming beneath almost every surface. It is merely a matter of holding your breath and diving in to find it.

Art is the most delicious salve. It heals, it renews, it awakens, it sets me free. It may not be a cure, but it can transform pain into something less ugly, something that can only enrich who we already are and that in and of itself is a miracle.

I am an artist because I am also a survivalist.


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Confessions of the Green Armchair